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chalupa mezi sklepy

A small South Moravian village, time passing slowly, homely comfort and instead of a television, only a huge window with a view of the garden.

Does this sound like a dream? He was for us for a long time. And finally we made it happen. We have purchased Cottage between the cellars, where we invite all of you who want to take a break from the busy world for a while.


How it all began?

We had a simple wish – to switch off for a while, escape from everyday life and just be at peace. With family, with love, with friends. In short, together. As much as we love our home in the city, we were looking for a space with atmosphere and soul where we could meet in larger numbers. One day we found a dream place that we instantly fell in love with. And so the Cottage between cellars was born. 

When we saw the South Moravian cottage for the first time, we knew this is it. Peace, comfort, cellars all around... We decided to create a place where not only we, but also anyone else can feel pleasant and cozy. 

Therefore, we started with the reconstruction of the cottage. Or at least we thought just reconstruction. Due to all sorts of problems, it became the construction of a new house. But we made sure to keep the rural character and style of the place. Here you will find wooden windows and floors, as well as stone lintels or an interior created in collaboration with the talented designer Adéla Lipar Kudrnová and Petra Stein. We can accomodate up to 10 people + 1 (baby cot) at the Cottage.


What awaits you at our Cottage?

We simply want to feel great at Cottage, as well as you and everyone else who visits it. That's why we don't offer "just accommodation", but we want each of our guests to know that we care about having a good time at the cottage. The Cottage also has a small wine cellar, where we select bottles from the best local winemakers. In addition, we have also selected tips for trips in the area, which we have enjoyed ourselves, and which we are happy to recommend to each of you.
In the future, we also want to organize wine tastings or perhaps sell local products, but now our main goal is to create a place with a soul, where everyone will have a chance to relax for a while... perhaps with a glass of wine in hand. :)


Thank you for supporting our Chalupa.
Marika and Jirka Kuča
food bloggers, authors of Kitchen story
and now also enthusiastic cottagers

Where to go for a trip in surroundings?

When visiting Cottage, it would be a shame not to enjoy some active rest and explore the surroundings. South Moravia has so much to offer...

We have selected for you tips for trips that we enjoyed ourselves and places that are really worth visiting. Whether you prefer historical monuments, a mysterious underground, nature, interesting restaurants and bistros, wine cellars or perhaps a swimming pool, you will certainly enjoy.

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